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7万7千円のCDラックを購入した感想! Impressions of Buying a CD Shelf that Can Hold Over 1,600 CDs!

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1668枚収納 CD屋さんのCD/DVDラック 幅139cm インデックスプレート20枚付き (ダークブラウン D)

CD収納:最大1668枚 DVD収納:最大720枚 インデックスプレート20枚付き
約幅139×奥行26.5×高さ197.5cm 重量:約34.4kg 1段あたりの耐荷重:約15.5kg
ダークブラウン、ナチュラル、ホワイト 主な材質:プリント紙化粧合板 日本製 組立家具










あと夕方になると日が当たるので、その対策は考え中です。(下記写真5枚目 部屋の構造上、日が当たる位置にしかCDラックを置けなかった)


When you own over 1,000 CDs, you might find yourself wanting a CD rack dedicated solely to storing them.

I, too, have been continuously told by my family that I keep buying CDs, and over the past ten years, my collection has grown to over 3,000 CDs, making me think about when to install a CD rack.

Until then, I added more regular shelves for storage and stored my CDs there.

You might have seen collector’s CD racks advertised online, boasting slogans like “CD racks made for true music fans by music fans.” I’ve written articles about CD racks in 2019 and 2023, and the total number of readers for these articles exceeded 2,000 domestically alone. It made me realize that there are many people researching CD racks.

The prices of CD racks have been increasing every year, and the CD rack I wanted cost ¥77,000. With a storage capacity of 1,668 CDs, it could accommodate more CDs than other racks, so I decided to go for it. However, I have not bought it yet, and five years had already passed since then.

Feeling the need to neatly arrange my CDs and realizing it was about time to buy one, I suddenly made the purchase. Here are the product details: link to the product page https://aux-store.com/?pid=134619465

CD Storage: Maximum 1,668 CDs, DVD Storage: Maximum 720 CDs, Includes 20 index plates

Size: Approximately W139 x D26.5 x H197.5cm, Weight: Approximately 34.4kg, Load Capacity per Shelf: Approximately 15.5kg

Colors: Dark Brown, Natural, White, Main Material: Printed paper laminated veneer board, Made in Japan, Assembly Required

Released 13 years ago, the developer has continuously improved it to ensure ease of use and a secure structure.

The shelves are made of steel and are screw-fixed, ensuring peace of mind during use. As CDs are stored, the load is directed towards the wall, allowing for stable placement. There are cutouts on the back to accommodate baseboards, allowing for a snug fit against the wall.

According to reviews from those who actually purchased the product, some expressed a desire for something sturdier than wood for the shelves. While I also thought about it, I had already prepared myself for the fact that it was made of wood, so I anxiously awaited the arrival of the product.

A few days later, when the product arrived, I was surprised by its height and weight.

I worked alone, slowly building my CD rack while watching Bon Jovi live footage.(DVD)

In less than two hours, the task was completed. It’s advisable to secure a workspace of at least four tatami mats. (→Japanese mats) With the instructions provided, assembling the CD rack should be smooth.

Once the CD rack was assembled, I started storing CDs from below. This process was enjoyable. I believe the joy of arranging the CDs you’ve collected over time is a privilege for those who have bought many CDs. Having index plates included was also great.

Unfortunately, there were scratches on the wood even before assembly, but that’s unavoidable. (See the third photo below.)

Also, in the evening, the sunlight shines directly onto it, so I’m considering a solution for that. (See the fifth photo below. Due to the room’s layout, there was no choice but to place the CD rack where the sunlight hits.)

Nevertheless, being able to finally place the CD rack, which was a long-awaited dream, was truly satisfying when I neatly stored all the CDs I’ve collected over the years. I intend to cherish it for a lifetime!


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