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The Best Record Stores You Can Find in Sapporo Japan

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Records are very popular now. There are many record shops in Japan.
More and more foreigners are coming to Japan to buy records.
We introduce a famous record shop in Sapporo this time.
I hope that it will be helpful when going to a record shop in Sapporo.



Fresh Air was opened in 1993.
There are sell records from rock to soul music and jazz and classic.


store interior



How To Access    7-minutes walk from Odori Subway and Susukino Station

Address Sapporo City Minami 2 Jo Nishi 7 Chome 1

Business hours from AM11:00 to PM 8:00

Regular holiday Wednesday




It was opened in 2017.
Five one shop is sell at a low price.
You can get records cheaply.
store interior

How to access   5-minute walk from Susukino Subway Station

Address Chuo-ku, Sapporo 2-Jo Nishi 1 chome 6-1-2F

Business hours PM1:00 to PM8:00

Regular holiday Monday-Tuesday




There are also stores in Osaka, etc. besides Sapporo.
And more hip hop and soul music besides rock.



Store interior


Adress                   Chuo-ku Minami 3 Jonishi 2 Chome Sapporo-shi B1F

How to access → 10 to 15 minutes walk from Odori Subway Station

Business hours PM1:00 to PM8:00

Regular holiday Fixed holiday



Music warehouse  Tanaka

Although it is a little away from the downtown area, but, this is good record store.
Because,There are a lot of records. And the price is cheap.



Store interior

Of course There are also sell CDs.


If you are going for the first time,

It seems like you are lost for a moment, in this case, you try to find the yellow signboard.



How to Access → 1-minute walk from Sapporo City Transportation Bureau (city train) Yamanosu Line Higashi tonden(東屯田通り駅) Station.

Address Chuo-ku, Sapporo 22 South 22 West 9 chome 1-38 SK Building 1F

Business hours from AM11:45 to PM5:30

Regular holiday Tuesday / Wednesday



Page One

Page One Record was Opened in 1986.

This is also a little away from the main streets and Susukino which is the center of Sapporo.
Page One is the best in the handling amount of the bootleg in Hokkaido.

So There are a lot of Bootleg CD and DVD. Of course also have records and CD.



Store interior

Look at the picture below.

It is all bootleg CD and DVD and Bluray disc.




How to access → 10 to 15 minutes on walk from Nanboku Line Hiragishi Station.

Address 1-9, Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo City 2-17

Business hours from AM11:00 to PM7:00

Thursday-Tuesday      PM2:00 to PM7:00

Regular holiday Wednesday


Cricket Records

If you are looking for jazz or classic,I recommended this record shop.
Because,Criket records is Jazz and Classic store.




Store interior


Also There are some Japanese EP. (one sheet 50cent)



Adress                  8choume 1-34 Sakaedori Shiroishiku Sapporo-shi

How to access → About 15 minutes on walk from subway Tozai Line Nango 7-chome Station

Business hours from PM12:00 to PM7:00

Regular holiday Wednesday




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